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PEX Piping Vs. Copper Piping in your Home or Office

If you’re looking to construct the home of your dreams, replace the plumbing lines you have in place, or simply need to replace a piece or pipe that’s damaged there are several choices.The copper pipe is no longer the first, or the preferred option of the majority of plumbers and homeowners.

Flexible cross-linked polyethylene tubing, commonly referred to as PEX has gained popularity in plumbing in the residential sector over the last few years in the past few years as an option to copper or chlorinated vinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes.

Here are some things to think about when deciding whether PEX as well as copper pipes would be better for your home.

Lifespan of Piping

One of the main benefits of PEX pipes is that it doesn’t cause corrosion or allow for sediment to accumulate within the pipe.The advantages of copper pipes is that they last for for 40 to 60 years and are used for longer, so many experts have the expertise to deal with and repair copper pipes.

PEX is expected to last for as longer as copper, even though the majority of PEX warranties last in the range of up to 25 years.We don’t know for the certain as PEX has been gaining popularity over the last few years and yet there isn’t enough time for us to draw a true comparison.

Plumbing Cost for Different Piping

The installation of PEX is priced at least 20 to 40 percent less in comparison to conventional copper, meaning you could save money and invest in the shower tile you’ve always dreamed of. PEX is also a great alternative for those areas which are too small or too tight for rigid copper and CPVC pipes. The tubing is joined using crimp rings and the aid of a compression tool or fixing it with connector fittings. It’s easy to install, and drastically reduces the labor cost when compared to copper pipe installation.

PEX water pipes run between 50 and $2 per square foot and copper is $2-$4 every square footon an average.


Both PEX and Copper Pipes are susceptible to freezing but copper pipes are more likely to explode and flood your home when temperatures drop below the freezing point. PEX pipes however are able to expand by up to eight times their size before freezing.

Environmental and Health Environmental Impact of PEX vs. Copper Pipes

Although PEX pipe is cheaper than copper counterparts, these plastic pipes can be damaging to the water quality.

As per Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for water quality.

What’s the best plumbing pipe to use in Your Home or Office?

A lot of older homes could have copper pipes in place however, many modern homes are equipped with PEX pipes. PEX is the only type of pipe employed within U.S. residential plumbing for the last 30-40 years. The various pipe types are all able to be joined when one pipe requires replacement.

Salzer Plumbing in Peoria IL Metro Area can help homeowners figure out which type of piping will work best for their particular situation. Plumbers who work with PEX must be approved by the manufacturer of the product. If the product is not installed according to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer then the warranty could be canceled.

Personal Opinion

Salzer Plumbing has worked with both types of pipes. I’ve fixed more improperly installed PEX piping than copper. PEX has a lot of upside but it also has a lot of downside. One improperly fitted pipe can lead to you tearing up your wall and replacing…with another PEX pipe? Most homeowners have scolded themselves for even considering PEX in their home. Personally, I would only recommend PEX piping if the fitting was easy to get to. For instance, above a drop ceiling. Having PEX behind walls just leaves that dull ache in my stomach. The fittings are only guaranteed for 25 years, and copper pipes 50+ years. It’s your house but be a good person and do what’s right for the future homeowner.