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drain cleaning in Washington IL

Our Trained plumber Perform Drain Cleaning in Washington IL

From hair to soap scum, drains get clogged with any manner of debris. Over time, they can back up, becoming a nuisance. But if you don’t address the problem with professional assistance, you could experience messy backups. For that, Salzer Plumbing provides 24/7 emergency service. From sinks to tubs to main sewer lines, our plumbers have the skill and training to effectively deal with all kinds of clogs. Thus, we know that drain system maintenance is critical for any home or business. We’ll even give you helpful tips on how to maintain clear drains, such as pouring baking soda and boiling water down your drains once a month to break up stubborn clogs. Sometimes, home remedies don’t always work. For that, turn to the professionals for drain cleaning in Washington IL.

What We Do

Salzer Plumbing can come to your home or business to effectively address issues present in a variety of rooms. Toilet clogs are one of the more common jobs we see. Toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, wipes, paper towels and even tree roots can cause them. Kitchen clogs are common as well. Why? Grease builds up over time, coating the pipes. Food particles can cause clogs also. Never pour grease down your kitchen sink! In the bathroom, sinks and tubs build up with soap scum, hair and toothpaste.

Our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of drain cleaning in Washington IL. From installation to repair, look to us for a professional job done right.

Drain Cleaning in Washington IL

Here are some of our plumbing drain services:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Installation
  • Unclogging

Contact Salzer Plumbing for Drain Cleaning in Washington IL

To get emergency 24/7 service for a clog or to obtain a free estimate on drain cleaning, get in touch with Salzer Plumbing at 309-657-3069. We happily service all of Washington IL, as well as Peoria, Morton and surrounding areas.