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Salzer: Your Local Experts in Plumbing/Drain Repair

If your sink or tub is not draining properly and you’ve tried everything you can, it’s time to call in the experts. Here at Salzer Plumbing, we have vast experience in dealing with plumbing drain issues of all kinds. From slow drains to recurring clogs, we have the tools necessary to get to the root of the problem. Thus, we can rid you of that worry once and for all. Serving the Tri-County area of Peoria, we guarantee fast and efficient service for top-notch customer service. Come to us for plumbing/drain repair before the problem gets worse.

Common Drain Problems

Chances are, you’ve come across at least one of these common drain problems as a homeowner:

  • Slow drains: It may sound insignificant, but if ignored, a slow drain can lead to damaged or broken pipes. Slow drains indicate a clog is forming, and that pipes are narrowing due to the buildup of grease. Or, it could mean your drainage system isn’t graded properly.
  • Recurring clogs: If your attempts to get all that hair and soap scum out aren’t working, you need a professional to come in with the right tools that can eliminate clogs deep in the system once and for all.
  • Multiple clogged drains: When your sink, tub and toilet are all clogged, this signals a clog in the main drain system rather than individual drain clogs.
  • Foul odor: If this odor is persistent, it could signal a major drainage issue. Get professional help before it results in a sewage backup.
  • Flooding: This the worst possible scenario, when a sewage backup occurs and spills out onto your floor.
Plumbing / Drain Repair

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If you’re in need of plumbing/drain repair, please call Salzer Plumbing, where we specialize in efficient, quality service at an affordable price. For a free estimate, get in touch at 309-657-3069. We have many convenient appointment slots to choose from.